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12 Nisan 2016 Salı
Başlangıç: 09:00

Başlangıç: 17:00

Decades of drug-discovery research have shown that drug molecules that need to cross the cell membrane exhibit a relatively narrow range of physicochemical properties, e.g., molecular mass, hydrophobicity and polarity. A recent survey of a dataset of human approved drugs has found that 27% of these are aliphatic amines and 20% are carboxylic acids [1,2]. In an aqueous environment at neutral pH, aliphatic amines have a propensity to be protonated and carry an electric charge of +1e.

Başlangıç: 17:00

4Greek History and Culture Study Group invites you to a two-session panel discussion with the participation of several members of our academic community, in fond memory of its founding member, Vangelis Kechriotis after whom the Group will be named. 

Başlangıç: 19:00


​Kennedy Jazz




12 Nisan 2016 Salı | Kennedy Lodge 19.00


Öğrenci 10 TL - Tam 30 TL