Major Minor Literature: Animal and Human Alterity

08/02/2020 15:00

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Minor no longer designates specific literatures but the revolutionary conditions • for every literature within the heart of what is called great (or established) literature [...] Writing like a dog digging a whole, a rat digging its burrow. And to do that, finding its own point of underdevelopment, his own patois, his own third world, his own desert.

- Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Kafka: A Minor Literature, 18.

The ethical turn that has followed in the wake of decı-mstruction is an attempt to recognize and extend care to others while acknowledging that we may not know what the best form of care is fıır an other whom we cannot presume to know. It is a concern with and for alterity, especially insofar as alterity brings us to the limits of our own self-certainly and certainty about the world.

- Kari Weil, Thinking Animals: Why Animal Studies Now?, 17.



08.02.2020, 15:00, Homer Kitabevi