Management Research Webinars: "Counting on the Support of the Supervisor's Spouse or Co-Workers?"

08/06/2020 18:00

For the next Management Research Webinar, Dr. Maria José Bosch from ESE Business School Chile will join us to present her research.  

Counting on the Support of the Supervisor's Spouse or Co-Workers? 

Building on the work-home resources model and social exchange theory, this study explores antecedents of family supportive supervisor behaviors (FSSB) beyond the employee's supervisor. We propose that spousal support experienced by the supervisor at home and co-worker support experienced by the employee at work are likely to be positively associated with FSSB which, in turn, are likely to reduce the employee's deviant work behaviors. The multilevel mediating path analyses on weekly diary data of matched supervisor-employee dyads support our hypotheses. Our study contributes to FSSB literature by (1) empirically supporting new paths of support contagion (i.e., supervisor's spousal support and employee's co-worker support) as antecedents of FSSB, (2) revealing the possibility of FSSB to withhold employees from deviant work behavior and finally (3) demonstrating the importance of FSSB as a mechanism translating these support contagion into lower levels of deviant work behaviors. 

Maria Jose Bosch Kreis
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Maria Jose Bosch is Director of the Work & Family Research Center and Full Professor in the Department of Leadership at ESE Business School in Chile. She holds a PhD and MSc from IESE, Universidad de Navarra, and a BS from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has published and researched on leadership and work–family issues. Her areas of interest are work‒life balance, family supportive supervisor behavior (FSSB), perceived organizational sup- port (POS) and differences across cultures, among others.