Talk by Slobodan Perović on May 17, 2022

17/05/2022 17:00

Slobodan Perović (University of Belgrade, Serbia) will be giving a talk on May 17, 2022. This event will be both in-person (at JF507) and online. Everyone is welcome to join.

Title: Life and its origins: philosophical dilemmas and scientific quest

Abstract: The biological search for the origin of life has inevitably immensely expanded in the last hundred years due to the exponential accumulation of relevant scientific knowledge. A larger philosophical framework would be beneficial in order for roughly a hundred existing theories of the origin of life to adequately address the question and most fruitfully interconnect to each other. The talk presents a set of wide key criteria characterizing life and its possible origin, both on our planet and in the astrobiological context, which may define such a framework.

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Meeting ID: 956 9014 5003